A Cappella Arrangements Masterclass 
In the a cappella arranging and composing masterclasses, I will share my 15 years of experience in writing for Latvian Voices and other ensembles and choirs worldwide. One of the prerequisites for an excellent musical ensemble is original repertoire, which can be created by the ensemble leader or the singers themselves. However prejudiced we may be about our music-making abilities, the fact remains that we are all creative, and all we have to do is find the right approach to discovering or opening it. There are different ways to begin the a cappella arranging and composing process, and several of these will be explored in the masterclass.

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Masterclass in the interpretation of my music
Since my compositions are being performed more and more often, I also receive invitations to give masterclasses on my pieces, their interpretation possibilities and the various techniques they require. I am one of those composers who find it challenging to capture everything in music notation, so I always welcome the opportunity to meet the performers of my compositions in masterclasses and rehearsals. Most of my music is still performed by the a cappella group Latvian Voices, where I am also a singer. This opportunity to make music not only in solitude but also in the rehearsal process has proved that the mutual contact between performer and composer is one of the strongest bonds of creativity.

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